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Greetings, my fellow port swillers!

Yes, Ol’ Robbo voted today.  And I hope you did, too.

Among myself, Mrs. R, and the two Elder Gels, especially as ours is a very tight House District this year, it’s gratifying to know that the Por Swiller household delivered up four votes.  Who knows? We might actually make a difference this time!

I’m resolved, however, this go round not to fall into the trap of staying up all hours, anxiously awaiting the results. Some reading, “Ocean’s Twelve” and then an early night for me and I’ll check them in the morning.

By the bye, I stopped by the polls on the way to work, and yes, I wore my little “I Voted” sticker all day, just to twit the moonbats in my office (i.e., just about everyone else).  They suspect me of being a Deplorable, but since I’ve never uttered a single politickal word in all my time there, they can’t actually be sure.  So they have no choice but to smile with faux cheer and mutter polite nothings.  If the pogroms ever start in earnest, of course, I’ll probably be hustled down to the basement for a bullet to the back of my head, but in the meantime, civility shields me.  Heh.  (I do the same thing wearing the ashes on Ash Wednesday, but of course that is much more obvious.  They still can’t do or say anything about it.)

UPDATE: Well, that was interesting.  (Our Rep lost, by the bye.  By a lot.)  And all the stuff going on today? Wheeeee!!!!






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