Greetings, my fellow port swillers!

Cold and rainy at Port Swiller Manor this morning, and Ol’ Robbo has absolutely no good reason to go outside.  (I’ll be pulling the ferns and hostas off the porch for the winter later, but that can wait.)

Instead, I’m wallowing in a little nostalgia.

Remember the Golden Years of the Blogsphere when somebody would get hold of a meme, play it, and then flip it around to a bunch of other folks who would play in turn, everybody linking and commenting together?

Good times.  Good times.

Well, even thought those days are over (I often feel like I’m only talking to myself here), Ol’ Robbo is going to indulge himself in a little fun by playing with this Merriam-Webster gizmo (found at the Puppy-Blender’s) that shows what words were “introduced” the year one was born.

Some examples from Anno Domini 1965:

Alley-oop – This surprised me until I read farther that M-W only dates the word here in the context of basketball.

Chill factor – M-W seems to relate this to the concept of “wind chill”. I’m pretty sure its slang use is of much more recent vintage.

Domino Theory – A nice historickal reference, given that we already had a military presence in Vietnam at that point, but I’m a little surprised it didn’t go back to Korea.  Often sneered at, but to my mind a credible fear.

Hippie – Gorram hippies.  My uncle was one.  Long hair, tie-dye, the works.  To him, the Brave New World was all about free pot and free sex, and I still remember the yelling matches between him and my parents back in the early 70’s over that sumbitch Nixon.  He broke off contact with the Old Gentleman after my grandmother died in the mid-90’s, and the last I heard of him he was a part-time bartender and sleeping on a buddy’s sofa.

Lava lamp – See above.  I think my uncle had one.  (I know he had a water bed.)  Duuuuude…….

Postfeminist – This surprises me a bit, given that the concept of “feminism” goes back at least to the 19th Century.  You’d think somebody would have come up with a “post-” theory earlier than the 60’s.  (Fun fact: My Gels look at the current state of “feminism” with horror and revulsion.)

Unawesome – I have never heard anyone use this word and don’t believe it actually exists.

White Hat – I don’t believe this one.  The “White Hat” was a device used in Westerns going back much earlier than that.  Somebody must have been using the term then, too.

Yorkie-poo – Yorkie-poo?  Ol’ Robbo hates Yorkies and dislikes poodles, too, so this is really the worst of both worlds.

So there you are.  Lots of others, mostly of a technical or corporate-speak variety.  G’wan over and play yourselves, and in the meantime feel free to get off my lawn.