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Greetings, my fellow port swillers!

My apologies to those two or three of you looking in vain for this week’s Saturday gardening and Sunday go-to-meeting posts, but the fact is that Ol’ Robbo was away for “families weekend” at Eldest’s school, which we felt we should attend since she’s a transfer this year even though she’s a junior.  (We also used it as an excuse to drag along Youngest in order to get her more focused on this whole college thing.)

All in all, in fact a very pleasant weekend.  Friday evening, we took the Gel and her three roommates out for pizza.  These roommates, who all lived together last year, have gone out of their way to make the Gel feel welcomed and included, so we felt it was the least we could do by way of saying thank-you.  (It turns out that one of the roommates spent last summah working at a restaurant on Lon Guyland owned by Mrs. R’s first cousin’s wife.  Howz about that for a small world!)

Saturday, we pretty much ignored all the “planned activities” that the school put on for the weekend.  Instead, the Gel just took us round the campus, showing us her apartment, the various buildings in which she takes classes, and the more interesting common areas.  We were done in an hour or two, so after grabbing some lunch and making the ritual pilgrimage to the campus bookstore, we all went back over to my brother’s house (where we were staying) and spent the afternoon watching collage football.  (My brother has kids at Virginia Tech, Clemson, and South Carolina, so this is a fairly serious matter for them.)

I’d say it was good to see the Gel, except that she was home just last weekend because of the hurricane.  But it was gratifying to see her happy in her new alma mater, and to get a bit closer peek at her life there.

Today, we slogged back home.  What a difference 24 hours makes! Yesterday, we trudged about in 90 degree heat under a clear, blazing sky.  Today, the temperature is around 60 degrees, and it’s raining steadily.  Fall is BACK, baybee!

We’ll be doing the same drill in a few weeks for Middle Gel (including again dragging along the Youngest).  Since she’s a freshman, we’re planning to actually do more of the planned stuff, which I think involves both a football game and a dinner.  But I’m sure the ritual visit to the campus bookstore will be included in the itinerary, too.


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