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If You Are Of A Certain Age, You Will Understand This Picture. Otherwise, Get Off My Lawn.

Greetings, my fellow port swillers!

Well, as you all no doubt know by now Hurricane Florence is teed up to hit somewhere along the Carolina coast later this week.

Port Swiller Manor itself, being north of the main strike zone, is likely to get little more than some unneeded extra rain.  Of more immediate concern to us is the fact that the Elder Gels are in school on or near the storm’s path.

Middle Gel is in the Tidewater, and we are waiting around to see if her school goes ahead and orders an evacuation.  If so, she’s already arranged to give rides to several classmates who live in our area.  (I feel better that she would not be driving home all by herself.)

Eldest is in central North Carolina which, if some of the computer models pan out, may get a serious extended dump of rain – much more than coastal Virginny.  Right now, her school doesn’t seem to be planning to send the kids home.  But that could change, and she’s already making noise about bringing one or more of her roommates with her if she comes home.

Ol’ Robbo could find himself with a very full house indeed next weekend.

UPDATE: Bug out orders issued – mandatory for Middle Gel, voluntary for Eldest.  They’re both on the way home, the former arriving this evening and the latter tomorrow.

The good news is that nobody else will be crashing with us after all.



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