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Greetings, my fellow port swillers!

Well, according to chatter seen by Father Z this week, Frankie may be gunning for Cardinal Vigano for spilling the beans. (Salute the rank, not the man, Robbo…Salute the rank, not the man…..)

I also see that a number of state AG offices are launching probes into local dioceses here in the States.  I should be pleased about this, but I can’t help fearing that the hacks running these offices may not have the same endgame in mind as I do.

Meanwhile, on a completely different note, today is “Homecoming Sunday” at Robbo’s Former Episcopal Church.  This is basically a parish picnic to kick off fall and to lure people back to church who have “taken the summer off”.  Back in the day, Ol’ Robbo spent a number of years on the committee, setting up chairs and tables, organizing the food, arranging for the moonbounce, etc.

It’s pouring rain today.  It never rains on Homecoming Sunday.  The weather is usually absolutely beautiful.  Indeed, I can remember only one time previously in the twenty-odd years I’ve been here that they moved it inside, and that was only because of a drizzle.

I heard there was going to be some kind of mini-petting zoo this year.  Wonder how that will work out…..

Ol’ Robbo would not want to be on that committee today.  (I say this in ecumenical sympathy, by the bye, not sneeringly.)


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