Greetings, my fellow port swillers!

A cool and soggy day here at port swiller manor – not much of a day for mowing.  As it happens, I have “work” work to do today, so probably wouldn’t have the time to fool with the yard anyway.

At least I can work from the comfort of my back porch.  As I sit out here, I’m looking over at my neighbor’s yard and for the zillionth time wondering why he won’t invest in a weed-whacker. The grass around the fringes and along his house and fence must be at least two or three feet high now.  (Actually, I know the answer: They’re Chinese nationals and fairly new to the States and have a limited grasp of the arcana of suburban ‘Murican living.  But you’d think he’d have caught on from my example by now.)

Oh, well.  It’s a very small thing, and this motion in limine isn’t going to write itself, so Robbo will catch you all later……

UPDATE: Yikes! Sitting out here with the wind up and the rain coming off and on for hours, Ol’ Robbo got such a chill that I had to go put on a sweatshirt and jeans.  Fall’s coming, baybee!