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Greetings, my fellow port swillers!

Ol’ Robbo isn’t absolutely sure of it, but I think our microwave just committed suicide.  Of its own volition, it turned itself on for about sixty seconds, then started flashing a message that its keypad had shorted out.  The keypad, upon prodding, was indeed non-responsive, and I may or may not have caught a very faint whiff of electrical fire.

Never had this happen before.  (I unplugged the thing, cursing under my breath.)

It’s a GE, and can’t be more than about, oh, six or seven years old or so.

The GE oven we got at the same time has a somewhat related problem.  It’s an electric oven but a gas stovetop and sometimes when you light a ring, the electronics panel seizes up.  The key to fixing that problem, passed on to me by a very generous repairman, is simply to go down the basement and flip the circuit breaker off for a few seconds.  I’ve done this many times.

The microwave, however?  No dice.

Stupid GE.

I guess Ol’ Robbo won’t be eating any bowls of popcorn until we get around to dealing with this.  Whether that involves finding somebody to fool with it or just chucking it for a new one, I don’t know yet.  My impression is that the latter option might not be all that much more expensive, but I need to do the research.  (And no doubt even as I type this, my FacePlant, Yerhoo, and Gargle pages, together with every single blog I read that carries ads, is filling up with buy suggestions.  But that’s a different rant.)


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