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Greetings, my fellow port swillers!

Ol’ Robbo has found himself in a protracted grudge match with a colony of ants that keeps getting into the hummingbird feeder. I’ve killed hundreds of the little bastards over the past month or two (and probably shortened my own life by a few years with all the RAID fumes I’ve inhaled) but they always seem to come back.

Earlier this week I thought I had put an end to things when I finally discovered their nest and brought the equivalent of SMOD down on it, but nope, they were back this morning.  (It’s two stories from the ground where they nest up to the feeder.  Interestingly, they were using a new trail this time from the one on which I had repeatedly hammered them previously.  How do they manage to remember and navigate? I haven’t figured out yet where the new nest is.)

They’re an extremely small variety of ant, so you don’t even notice them until you’re right up close.  I only realized the problem had returned because the hummer herself was acting skittish and wouldn’t come in for a proper drink.  Only when I heaved myself up and went to look close did I see that the feeder was crawling with the things again.

It’s better than having to deal with yellowjackets, of which I have seen absolutely none this year, but still……

UPDATE:  I cleaned out the feeder, refilled it and hung it back out before sitting down to write this.  Just as I was hitting *post*, the hummer came back in for a proper drink.  I wonder if she knows I’m her fixer?  The other birds certainly know that it’s chow time when I refill their feeders.

UPDATE DEUX:  And speaking of ants, may I just point out here that “Michael Ellis” is one of my absolute very favorite Python episodes? S’truth!


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