Greetings, my fellow port swillers!

A delightful Saturday morning here in the vicinity of Port Swiller Manor with a hint of the cool and crisp, the kind of day where you start looking for excuses to stay out working in the yard a bit longer instead of fleeing for the house as quickly as possible.  I also notice that the light is starting to look different on the trees as the sun’s angle changes.  I know it’s supposed to hot up again next week, but it definitely feels as if summah is starting to think about winding itself down.  Grilling out this evening and having din-dins on the porch with Mrs. Robbo and the Remaining Gel will be a real pleasure.

Actually, as far as summahs go, we haven’t had a bad one here at all.  No triple-digit highs and only a handful at best in the mid or upper 90’s, and lots and lots of rain.  I’m sure someone could produce charts and figures to show me that Glowbull Enwarmening has once again made this the worstest, awfullest, most meteorologically catastrophic summah on record and furthermore that it’s all my fault, but I’m going to stick with what my lying eyes tell me.

We shall see how autumn works out this year.  The first genuine norther comes through here typically a week to ten days into September (recall 9/11), always a high point for Ol’ Robbo as it tends to shake him out of his summah torpor and gets him excited for what, after all, has always been his favorite season.  Alas, the last couple of falls have been duds – downright dry, not very cool, and with disappointing foliage to boot.  Perhaps we’re due.  (I distinctly remember a Halloween years ago when the Gels were small when there was frost on the ground.)  As for tropical activity, we haven’t really had a major storm come anywhere near here (although a couple have teased) since Isabel back in 2003, so again, we may be due.  Well, we’ve got our generator now (which of course has sat idle since we installed it), so all I can say is Bring It On.