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Greetings, my fellow port swillers!

Whelp, this weekend saw the departure of both the Elder Gels for college (the one a junior, the other a freshman).  And despite the fact that we had been anticipating this diaspora for a long, long while now, it still somehow caught Ol’ Robbo by surprise.

Eldest left Friday and drove the six hours down to my brother’s house, a half hour from campus.  He took her out to dinner that evening, and then gamely helped her move in on Saturday.  She’s less than 72 hours into her new regime but already I am convinced that her decision to transfer this year was the right one.

Yesterday, Mrs. Robbo and I took Middle Gel down to her new school.  I must admit that it was about the easiest move-in I’ve ever experienced.  The school does it on a rolling basis with assigned arrival windows in order to avoid bunching up.  We pulled right up to the front doors of her dorm, where a swarm of upper-classmen descended on us with large roller-bins, which they quickly filled with the gel’s gear.  By the time we had gone off, parked, and walked back, the stuff was already in her room.  We set her up and then went to have brunch.  Afterwards, she didn’t exactly chuck us out, but she did indicate that we had served our function and she would now like to go off and meet her hallmates.

Fingers crossed, I think they’re both going to have very good years.

Meanwhile, Youngest has been doing the Snoopy Happy-Dance at the thought of having the house (and specifically the Gels’ bathroom) all to herself.  I’m not sure she’s quite worked out all that this implies, specifically how she will now no longer have anyone to blame for messes, unwashed dishes, missing towels, filched electronics chargers, and mysterious I-tune purchases.  I think she also doesn’t yet appreciate what it means that Mrs. R and I will be able to devote the vast majority of our energy to double-teaming her on matters such as grades, swim-practice, and boys.

In her case, we’re going to make her have a good year, whether she wants one or no.



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