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Greetings, my fellow port swillers!

We had a terrific Mass of Thanksgiving in the Extraordinary Form today, complete with three priests, a congratulatory message and marching orders straight from the Vatican, the “Asperges Me” and a “Te Deum“, together with one of Palestrina’s longer settings.  The normal Traditional Latin Mass in my parish runs about an hour and a half.  This one went well over two hours.  I didn’t even notice the difference until it was over and I happened to glance at my watch in the parking lot.

The occasion was a celebration of the ordination ten days ago of a fellah from our parish as a new Canon to the Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest.

While the Mass itself was celebrated by our home boy, the homily was given by another priest, who I gathered was somebody higher up in the Institute who had been involved with our man’s education and ordination.  At any rate, he worked into his homily some references to our man’s experiences during seminary in Italy.

And you know what? This chilled me slightly.  Why? Because of this whole damned (in the literal sense) “Uncle Teddy” McCarrick scandal. 

I’m not accusing the homilist – of whom I know nothing – of anything at all, at all.  Nor was I really worried specifically about our new ordinate, who I’d watched as alter server in various functions over the years. No, it was just a more general association.  Allusions to and jokes about seminary life, however innocently meant, under the recent revelations just left a bad taste in my mouth.

As I thought about this more later on, I started to get angry.  Damn these men who have sullied Holy Mother Church.  Damn them for putting these vile thoughts into my head even in the midst of what should have been an unadulterated glory. Damn them, damn them, damn them!

We need radical surgery here.  We need intense investigation, not just by the clergy but also by lay members as well.  We need very public disclosure of exactly who did what, who knew what, and all the details of where, when, and how.  We need absolutely clear and cold denunciation, and absolutely clear and cold disgrace and punishment.

This is not a time for “coming together” or for “easing our pain through the healing process”.  Nor is it a time for simply sweeping things under the rug.  (You’ll notice the story has completely vanished from the MSM.)  No, this is a time for taking names and kicking asses.

We shall see what actually happens……



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