Greetings, my fellow port swillers!

The Ewok (PBUH) had a post this afternoon about a new NBC poll that, among other things, puts PDT’s approval rating at 45%. The poll purports to survey the feelings of registered voters.  Ol’ Robbo would suggest that no, it in fact only surveys the feelings of registered voters who choose to participate in the poll.   I’d be willing to bet several dozens of port that there are a whole lot more such voters out there who actually prefer to keep their cards close to their vests and their heads down, especially given how polarized and poisonous the times are.  I’d also speculate that a substantial percentage of that silent faction probably have the same general opinion.  So while comparing these polls against themselves over a period of time may illustrate upward or downward trends in opinions, I doubt seriously if any one given set of numbers means very much in and of itself.

I bring this up because Ol’ Robbo is often accosted by hipsters with clipboards during his lunchtime walkabouts, eager and bright-eyed young things who can’t wait to “engage” me on behalf of their favorite causes.  Usually I just keep walking, perhaps giving a brief shake of my head, a disarming wave of my hand, and a murmured “sorry, not today” as I pass.  But every now and again, especially when I’m dealing with one of the more determined and aggressive members of this band, I’ll stop, look him or her (or “xer”) in the eye, and say:

“All right, I’ll hear what you have to say.  But before you start, know that the three things you absolutely will not get out of me are my name, my opinions, and my money.  Okay? Now…fire away.”

They usually don’t bother.  (I suppose that’s part of street-corner clipboard solicitation training 101.)  However, once in a way, some intrepid spirit will soldier on, thinking they can talk me round to coughing up said responses.  Those who do get nothing more for their pains than the famous Robbo scowl squint.**

Stupid hipster-doofuses.

**Just trying to enjoy myself.  (Spot the quote.)