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Greetings, my fellow port swillers!

Ol’ Robbo wasn’t quick enough to hit the mute button on his radio this evening as he navigated traffic home, so he was forced to listen to the NPR top o’ the hour nooz digest.  Sure enough, at the end of the lead story about that Annapolis newspaper shooting, they just couldn’t help intimating that, despite the fact that the shooter is a psychopath with a long-standing grudge against the paper and crime sheet to match it, it’s all somehow Trump’s fault that the guy finally cooked off.  (Had you seen me exiting on to the G-Dub at this moment, you would have observed Ol’ Robbo gesticulating wildly at his radio in disgust.)

Ol’ Robbo really doesn’t mind so much that the mainstream media are propagandists and agitators (or, as the Puppy-Blender likes to call them, “Democratic operatives with bylines”).  My problem is that they’re so damned dishonest and sanctimonious about it, sputtering in institutional indignation whenever they’re called out and claiming that anyone who does so is a knuckle-dragging idiot who Just Doesn’t Understand, and also a neo-Nazi poopy-head.  (When I first heard that Pravda on the Potomac had changed its motto to “Democracy Dies In Darkness”, I thought the story was a parody.)

Of course, years ago, when they held a monopoly, the MSM could get away with this sort of thing with relative impunity.  But since AlGore invented the Innertoobs, of course, all bets are now off.  I wish they’d just accept that fact and adjust accordingly.

So getting back to the story at hand, if NPR’s Jack Speer had finished up with, “We think Trump is partly to blame for this lunatic, not because we have any evidence but because we really just hate Trump,” I’d actually have a wee bit more respect for him (and would have just shrugged instead of gesticulating).



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