Greetings, my fellow port swillers!

Ol’ Robbo supposes that friends of the decanter are up-to-date on the Red Hen/Sarah Huckaby Sanders story? It caught my especial attention in no small part because I went to law school in Lexington, VA, site of the brouhaha, although that was twenty-mumble years ago now and the Hen wasn’t established until some time after I’d left.**

Nonetheless, I wasn’t altogether surprised that something like this might occur even in what most people would imagine to be deep red rural Virginny.  Even back in my day, Metro-Lex contained a certain number of lefty/liberal types, including both some of the faculty at my school and my landlady.  I understand both the school and the town have pulled even farther left since then.  (For example, the drum-beat to erase Robert E. Lee altogether from Washington & Lee University continues.)  Certainly I wouldn’t dream of sending one of the Gels to my old alma mater now.  And the times, alas, seem ripe for this kind of stunt (i.e., Lefties pretending to principled “fighting Nazis” as cover for their extended toddler-like temper tantrum that they lost the ’16 election).

But the good news? It would appear that there is substantial push-back going on.  News broke today that the owner of the place has been forced to resign from her position with Main Street Lexington, the local biznay organization, and it’s anybody’s guess whether the Hen itself will survive financially.  Further, and to me quite significantly, the kind-hearted, non-politickal Mrs. Robbo, upon reading up on what happened, said, “That’s really disgusting.”

I don’t believe she was the only of her very large and mostly silent ilk to reach that conclusion.  Something to consider with the midterms coming up, which is why Ol’ Robbo predicted below that there will not be a Blue Wave this fall.  (We’re not in “Civil War 2”, contrary to the rhetoric of bloggers like even Ace and the Puppy-Blender.  Instead, we’re witnessing the outraged flailings of the Hard Left as it suffers the consequential backlash to its overreach of the last ten years or so.  Ol’ Robbo is convinced the vast majority of the country is not sympathetic to such flailings.)


** In my day, the only two real options for local dining were The Southern Inn and The Palms.  Lloyd’s of Lexington (since defunct) was a popular hang-out for truly terrible food and video games.  And Ol’ Robbo actually used to spend evenings at the Lee Hi Truck Stop during exam time, where I could grab a corner booth, order a country-fried steak dinner (no IHOP back then), and linger over a bottomless cup o’ coffee while I studied.  Nobody ever bothered me.