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Greetings, my fellow port swillers!

Yes, Ol’ Robbo got to experience his first late-day squall line of the year this evening, as he raced (and lost to) a band of thunderstorms bearing down on Port Swiller Manor from the northwest during his afternoon commute.  I’d been tracking the thing on radar all afternoon, and figured it would be a damn near-run thing.  As it happens, I took the metro today, and when I emerged at my home station and scanned the horizon, I still believed I had time enough in hand.  But when I came out of Total Bev after making a stop for supplies and saw a gorgeous (and awe-inspiring) wall cloud looming, I realized I had miscalculated:  The last twenty minutes of my drive home (with all side panels off La Wrangler) were in pitch-darkness, driving rain, and howling wind.  And Ol’ Robbo bore a certain resemblance to the proverbial drowned rat once he finally scootched into the Port Swiller Manor garage.

No mind. It’s only water after all, and I was already hot and sweaty and nasty from hoofing it to the metro anyways.

It’s now later in the evening, and as I type, I’m sitting on the Port Swiller back porch, listening to the dripping all about me and the rumble (still) of thunder off in the distance.  As Mr. Rabbitt croons, I do rightly love this.

UPDATE: The Puppy-Blender links to the Capitol Weather Gang’s round up of the Thunderstorm of the Century of the Week. After-the-Fact analysis?  Meh.

Which reminds me, though, that the installation of the Port Swiller Manor back-up generator is nearly complete.  (I had no idea it would be so complicated.) The Washington Gas wallah was out last week to install a new, bigger, gas meter, and this morning his mate appeared to check the meter and confirm the linkage of the gas line to the generator.  So far as I understand it, the last step is for the generator people to come out and test-run the thing. Get ‘er done, says I.)





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