Greetings, my fellow port swillers!

Speaking of the national suicide of Great Britain that Ol’ Robbo mentioned the other day, here’s a perfect example: Can somebody justify this Alfie Evans horror show to me?

No, not “justify”.  I actually don’t want it justified.  But I would like it explained.

I mean, it’s awful enough that the National Health doesn’t consider it worth the money to prolong the poor kid’s life, but for the love of God what possible legitimate reason could HM Government have for not allowing his parents to carry him off someplace else where others are willing to do so?

Socialism.  In the eyes of the all-powerful State, ou, as an individual, are worth exactly nothing.

UPDATE:  I see that the poor boy died yesterday.  Rest in peace.

And I’m sure the doctors and judges directly responsible are taking consolation in the idea that it was for Alfie’s own good as well as everyone else’s.