Greetings, my fellow port swillers!

Yes, it took until the tail end of April, but it looks as if Spring has finally arrived in the neighborhood of Port Swiller Manor.  Mrs. Robbo and I finished putting out the porch and planter plants yesterday and then spent a companionable morning today weeding in the garden.

I should note that after many years of leaving all the outdoor work on poor Ol’ Robbo’s shoulders, Mrs. R all of a sudden seems to have been bitten good and hard by the Gardening Bug, and is determined to pitch in.  Personally, I’m delighted: Not only is it nice for us to be able to share an activity, the extra set of hands is of genuine practical help and gives me a fighting chance at keeping the jungle in check.

Meanwhile, Eldest Gel is home for the weekend.  Next week is her last week of school, so she decided to load up her car with as much of her junk as she could and make a preliminary drop.  Anything else she can’t squeeze in when she’s done with exams gets chucked.  The Gel is in something of a rage because she’s found herself carrying a big group project in her musickal theatre class practically single-handedly because her two group mates refuse to do any real work.  “And when I have to become the leader of a group,” she said, “you know it’s in trouble.” She has been meticulously documenting exactly which bits of the project she’s done and which bits the others have as well as all her efforts to chivvy them into activity, and has been in close contact with her prof to explain the situation.  Fortunately, the prof likes her and knows she’s a good student, and has assured her that she won’t get dinged for her classmates’ slackness.

Youngest’s latest barracks-lawyer rhetorical trick has been to lavishly employ the phrase, “I’m just being honest.”  Thus, the following typical exchange:

Self:  “Stop mouthing off at your mother!”

YG:  “I’m just being honest.”

Self:  “I don’t want you to be honest, I want you to be quiet!”


Finally, I’m beginning to get reports that Middle Gel is planning to go whole-hog with prom and graduation celebrations, including various parties and a trip to the beach.  I don’t begrudge her any of this simply because, as tempted as I know she is to give in to the charms of senioritis, she’s still dutifully plugging away at her final semester’s work.  (And I’m telling you here and now that it’s going to be mighty, mighty strange when she takes off for school this fall.)

Oh, circling back to Spring, I just saw a hummingbird.  Better go see if I have any food left for their feeder……..

UPDATE:  No, I didn’t have any, but I picked some up at the hardware store this afternoon.  The hummer came into the feeder 15 minutes after I put it up.  She must be a returning customer.