Greetings, my fellow port swillers and happy Earff Day!

It may just be Ol’ Robbo’s imagination, but the ED celebration seems somewhat…muted this year.  Oh, sure, Gurgle is doing their obligatory doodle and Face Plant has a post up, but I just don’t see much attention being paid to it otherwise.

I suppose this is in part because of the pretty thorough discrediting of the whole Globull Enwarmening biznay. (The very late spring doesn’t help, either.)

It may also be in part because people can only hold so many fashionable lefty causes in their skull cavities at the same time, and between gun confiscation and overturning a legitimate presidential election, there just isn’t room this year.

In any event, if you want to take off all your clothes, go outside, lie down, and give Mama Gaia a big ol’ hug, don’t let Ol’ Robbo stop you.

UPDATE:  Ol’ Robbo was sitting outside this morning before Mass, staring up at the sky.  It was one of those profoundly deep ones which make you feel as if you’re at the bottom of a very clear pool of water looking up, and triggered a dormant thought.

Ol’ Robbo has always been a worrier.  (When people ask, I tell them it’s the reason I’ve stayed so thin all these years.)  Nowadays, of course, I’ve plenty of grown up stuff about which to worry, but back in my misspent yoot, my braims had a bad habit of inventing things about which to fret.  (Just to give themselves something to do, I expect.)

One of the inventions that could cause me to break into a sweat in the middle of the night was the notion that the sky might someday simply….vanish, that it would all of a sudden disperse into outer space, leaving the planet airless.  Who knew when or why this might happen? And if it did, then what would I do? Huh? Huh?

I’ll say in my own defense that the fact that gases are just as subject to the laws of gravity as are liquids and solids is not immediately obvious, especially to a young mind.  Indeed, even these days, although I accept it intellectually, there are still times when I’m not altogether sure I believe it, if you know what I mean.

By the bye, I’ve read here and there that somebody is forecasting that the Rapture is going to set in tomorrow.  Who knows?  Maybe we’ll find out if there’s something to Robbo’s doubt after all!