Greetings, my fellow port swillers!

This weekend, Mrs. Robbo and I drove down to the Tidewater to take Middle Gel to an accepted applicants to-do at her new school.  Part of the festivities involved a big BBQ lunch yesterday (given in the school’s gym instead of on the UVA-inspired lawn due to the craptacular weather).  We sat down at random with another kid and his parents, and damme if after five minutes of conversation it didn’t turn out that not only do these people live just a couple blocks away from Mrs. R’s Montessori school, but that the Dad also works for the same employer as I do (for about the same amount of time) and was two years ahead of me at The People’s Glorious Soviet of Middletown and knew a couple of the same people I did there. UPDATE: Oh, this fellah and I also both went to law school in the Great Commonwealth of Virginny, (although he was a Groovy U-V and I was not).  And not only do I know personally the managing partner of the firm he used to work for, but that same managing partner’s daughters used to babysit the Gels back in the day.

Eyebrow status? Raised to eleven.