Greetings, my fellow port swillers!

I’ll start with the obligatory grumbling about having to put the clocks forward, but that hasn’t really hit Ol’ Robbo just yet.  The Mass I go to on Sundays isn’t until noon, so an hour one way or the other doesn’t have any impact on me the first day.  I’ll pay for it tomorrow, however, when I once again have to get up for work in the dark.  (Grumble, grumble.)

Ol’ Robbo spent a pleasant Saturday morning doing his first yardwork of the season, which consisted of cleaning up the debris from last weekend’s nor’easter.  I’m just a leetle alarmed at how stiff and sore I am from dragging about tarps full of branches and then throwing them (the branches) out on the brush pile. Damned maples – they’ll drop wood if you say “Boo!” at them.

I also fertilized the hollies and azaleas. Want a good test of whether somebody’s a garden nerd? Ask ’em what they think of the smell of Holly-Tone.  If they like it, they’re definitely of the green-thumb brotherhood.

Finally, may I present the English Major’s landscaping friend? Yes, it’s the Mulch Calculator!  Good thing I double-checked my own feeble math against it, because I would have waaaay over-bought.

Next week it’s Robbo vs. the Butterfly Bushes