Greetings, my fellow port swillers!

This week saw the beginning of the latest Port Swiller Manor home improvement project, namely refurbishing the hardwood floors in the library, the living room, and the dining room.

The house is about forty-five years old now, and over the course of time, these floors naturally have come in for a goodish bit of punishment.  They’re faded, scratched, and, in the case of the corners in the dining room, stained with cat pee (this last a present of our old Jennyanydots in her senile decrepitude).  So it’s about time something was done about them. (Eventually, we’ll get to the upstairs as well.)

Rayther than blowing extravagant amounts of coin on ripping the old wood out and replacing it, however, we decided to go with said refurbishing.  A good sanding down followed by a couple coats of stain and a clear finish, and the dining room floor (the first one we’re doing in rotation and now near completion) looks really, really nice.

Unfortunately, the whole house reeks now of turpentine (or whatever it is that they put in stains), and I must admit that I’ve been feeling a bit like I used to back in my misspent yoot when I spent so many, many hours gluing and painting plastic airplane models.  Whoa.  (It’s nice enough to have the doors and windows open this evening, so the fug’s not so bad, but it’s supposed to be snowing again by Saturday night.  If I go to light a fire in the fireplace, is the entire atmosphere going to spontaneously combust?)

As I say, we’re doing the rooms in rotation, emptying all the furniture out of one room at a time and then shifting it as we proceed forward.  Ol’ Robbo simply couldn’t bear the idea (to say nothing of the cost) of hauling everything off to storage so as to do the whole project at one time.  Fortunately, our guy also has agreed to charge us for each stage of the project as it comes to completion, not the whole tamale all at once.

I only hope we get this biznay finished up and the house properly aired out before Easter, because guess who’s hosting dinner this year.