Greetings, my fellow port swillers!

I see in the gnus today an article that the Cleveland Indians are phasing out their beloved mascot, Chief Wahoo.

Fortunately, I already own a DVD copy of Major League, so at least that image can’t be completely disappeared from history.  I also own a hat from a game I went to when I was in town doing depositions back in 2009.  (I also have a Travis Hafner bobble-head from that game.)

I’d insert here a paragraph about mascots as sources of pride, not derision,  and the standard “What about the drunken leprechaun of Notre Dame or the Boston Celtics or the San Diego Padres, etc,, etc.”, but I’ll save my pixels because of course this whole biznay has nothing to do with actual grievances and everything to do with Cultural Marxist mau-mau politicks.  (I gather MLB put the hurt on Cleveland because it’s hosting the 2019 All Star Game and, wull, it’s be a shame if somefin happened to their franchise to prevent that, woodnit?


Curiously enough, the first little league softball team Ol’ Robbo managed when the gels were coming up was given Cleveland as their MLB “affiliate”.  We got Indians’ hats and color-coordinated uniforms.  The team took to it to the extent of spreading war paint on their faces and yelling war whoops every time they took the field.  I did nothing to discourage this and, indeed, promoted it as an instrument of team unity.

I suppose this means that, when Ol’ Robbo is sent to the Reeducation Camps, his chocolate ration will be increased from 20 grams to 15 grams.

Double Feh.

Chief Wahoo! Live free! Die well!

UPDATE:  Oh, my prophetic soul! Via the Puppy-Blender, we’re down to this: ESPN Host: Notre Dame’s Fighting Irish Mascot Is Offensive, Needs to Change.  I didn’t actually click over and read the article, because I don’t have to.   The mau-mau script never changes.

However, if, indeed, begun the Mascot Wars have, I want to go ahead and nominate this guy for the top of the proscription list:

Mr. “Met”

I mean, he triggers me nine ways to Sunday.  Look at him.  Big, complacent, white face just screams out “non-woke”.  And the arms raised up in classic rapey, hegemonic fashion?  C’mon!  Plus, I hear he likes to abuse small, furry animals….right out there on the 1st Base line.  (Well, okay, I suppose that last bit probably wouldn’t bother the SJW crowd, but I still think it’s icky.)

Plus, he’s not going to have much to cheer about this year anyway, since Ol’ Robbo’s beloved Nats are going to beat the rest of the NL East with the Pain Stick all season. (Woo, hoo, hoo!  *Ducks*)