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Greetings, my fellow port swillers!

Ol’ Robbo is still shaking his head over the fact that Port Swiller County public schools were closed today because of a remote possibility that the roads might have iced up around rush hour this afternoon due to moisture that was supposed to move in, possibly in the form of a mixture of freezing rain and sleet.  (I’m looking out the window at around 8:30 pm – it’s wet, certainly, but that’s all it is.)

Even the younger gels were somewhat disgusted at this poltroonery, even though it meant they got a freebie.

I suppose the County is still smarting over an incident that occurred three or four years ago: The Superintendent kept the schools open one day despite a slight chance of light afternoon snow.  Whelp, the snow freakishly proved a lot heavier than anyone expected and all hell broke loose trying to get the kiddies home.  (I think there might have been a few injuries from slips and falls, and possibly some traffic accidents.)  To make matters worse,  Teh Kids subsequently tracked down the Sooper on various social media platforms and subjected him to a heavy stream of abuse, lampoon, and general bile.  (I remember this because Eldest Gel was in on it, cackling with glee.)

Thus, the current panic to protect the snowflakes on the ground from the remotest possibility snowflakes drifting down from the skies.  Feh.

On a different note, despite the fact that we’ve been subject to a pretty brutal couple of weeks of arctic chill, Ol’ Robbo still hasn’t closed off the rear window on his beloved Jeep.  Even in near-zero temperatures, I find that if I bundle up well and give the heater a chance to kick in, I’m perfectly comfortable with the back wide open.  And I don’t have to put up with that boxed in feeling which I really dislike, but can instead continue to enjoy the sense of openness which was why I bought a ragtop in the first place.  Winning!





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