Greetings, my fellow port swillers!

Your Nation’s Capital

Ol’ Robbo happened to have his phone in his pocket when he went for his lunchtime walkies today, so he took this snap just for the fun of it. (Not pictured, of course, are the shriveled corpses of all those hundreds of children who have already starved just in Our Fair City alone under Trump’s tax overhaul.  The Park Service is under strict instructions to whisk them away as soon as they drop.  True!)

You’ll note how all the shadows are on the left (or north) side of the building, marking the sun’s farthest southward point of transit for the year.  I’ve walked past here literally hundreds of times on my lunch breaks, and I’m nerd enough to take note of such things as the progression of the sunlight back and forth across the dome.  (I do the same thing at Port Swiller Manor, too.  You’d be amazed -or not – at the glassy stares I’ve gotten from contractors, yard men, guests, and spouses when I’ve started gassing on about it.)

The other end of my walk brings me just short of the Washington Monument, which I also study each day.  Indeed, although I’m really not the creative type, from time to time I’ve mulled the idea of taking a picture of it from the same spot at the same time each day and then putting them together as a kind of “Year In The Life Of” display.

Eh, it’s an idea.