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Buy This Book Within The Next 24 Hours And You’ll Also Receive A Complimentary Thing That Goes Up!

Greetings, my fellow port swillers!

Ol’ Robbo assumes that many, if not most, friends of the decanter also like to frequent Ace of Spades H.Q., so this post may very well be a case of getting coals to Newcastle, but I nonetheless wish to bring your attention to a book that just issued today, The Deplorable Gourmet.

Very simply put, it’s a book of recipes donated, assembled, folded, spun, and mutilated entirely by members of the Moron Horde, a.k.a., Ace’s regular band of commenters.  So far as I know, this opus is absolutely unique in the annals of the blogsphere. “Deplorable”, of course, is a reference to the “Basket of Deplorables” sneer delivered during the last election cycle by She Who Must Not Be Named (who, by the bye, will never be President of the United States).

(Ol’ Robbo wishes he had that kind of following…..sniff…….But then again, that would require time, effort, and talent.  Ace and his co-bloggers have all those things.  I merely spend ten or fifteen minutes of an evening plonking down disparate nonsense.)

Anyhoo, apart from all the Moron Horde insider baseball stuff involved (to which Ol’ Robbo confesses that he pays way, waaaaay too much attention), from a practical point of view, this book has two things going for it:  First, the recipes are of the ordinary, work-a-day variety, so they should be of real use to us non-Julia Child shlubs (except the one that calls for carrots in chili).  Second, all profits go to charity.

So do yourself a solid and buy this book right now!  The Ewok may or may not thank you, but the Corgis definitely will! (Yes, that’s insider baseball stuff, as is the caption under the book image.  Trust me – it all makes sense.)

Aaaaaand on a totally different note:

Last evening Ol’ Robbo was treating himself to the John Ford/John Wayne movie “The Horse Soldiers“.  A highly fictionalized account of Grierson’s Raid** during the Civil War, it’s one of my old stand-byes which I watch probably three or four times a year.

Anyhoo, this time around, I noticed in the credits that the movie was based on a novel of the same name by one Harold Sinclair.  Well, Ol’ Robbo is here to tell you that yes, this novel is available over at the devil’s website.

I’ll let you know what I think of it.

**Ol’ Robbo would like to point out that, with all the other flotsam and jetsam swirling around in my old, tired braims,  it took me about twelve hours – without any sneaky on-line peeking – to remember the name “Grierson”.  I think I deserve some kind of participation trophy for being able to dredge up that particular piece of arcana.


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