Greetings, my fellow port swillers!

Ol’ Robbo finally got around to watching Rogue One last evening.  I’m hardly what you would call a Star Wars fanboi (I still haven’t seen Episode VII), but I must say that I think I rather enjoyed the film overall.  A nice, tight story; good cinematography; a Death Star that seemed almost to possess a malice of its own.

And what I really liked was the fact that so many different characters were involved.  It felt much, much more like a genuine fight between Empire and Rebel Alliance, and not just another episode of Skywalker Family Squabbles© with a bunch of extras on either side.

If the film had a weakness, I’d say it’s that I really didn’t know much more about any of these characters at the end than I did at the beginning.

Also, I have to say the CGI appearances of Zombie Peter Cushing and Zombie Carrie Fisher disturbed me somewhat.  Being made to play a character even though you’re actually dead somehow just doesn’t seem right.

Nonetheless, as I say, I think I liked it.

On the other hand, I see there’s a new Star Trek series being launched, Star Trek:Discovery.  It’s already being called ST:SJW because it’s being marketed as having a real Hard Left vibe.  Thanks, but I believe I’ll pass on that one.