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Merely as a palate-cleanser after the day’s insanities, Ol’ Robbo will note here that he spotted a new-to-me word on a bumper sticker this morning, “ferroequinology“.

I gathered it had to do with train-spotting, both from the context (an illustration of a locomotive and some text to do with wandering around tracks), but also because I remember enough Latin to know that “ferro” + “equus” = “iron” + “horse”.

I looked the word up on Wiki and evidently it’s a “non-standard” term invented by the people who go in for this particular hobby, but it still made me smile.  What better pseudo-scientific name could they have hit upon, after all?

Feel free to incorporate it into your next cocktail  party conversation.  And thank me later.

Greetings, my fellow port swillers!

Ol’ Robbo hasn’t paid any attention to professional football for some years now, but I can’t help noticing that this “taking a knee” thing during the National Anthem seems suddenly to be escalating, and that The Donald is calling out the NFL for it.

Have the players (and owners) actually thought this thing through?  Do they really believe that their core audience wants to see football politicized like this?  Or that the average fan has the slightest bit of sympathy for the disrespectful faux-virtue-signaling of guys paid millions of dollars to play a game?  Are they so supremely confident in their market that they feel they can flip it the bird with impunity?

I certainly don’t think so, and I don’t think the Donald does, either.  And the vaporings of the MSM aside, I think his message for these guys to stop acting like assholes resonates mightily among a majority of people.  As the saying goes, you want more Trump?  Because this is how you get more Trump.

Anyhoo, I just hope this idiocy doesn’t spread into the MLB.  I did see where one guy on the A’s pulled it the other day, but hopefully that was a one-off.

UPDATE:  Good Lord – the lone Pittsburgh Steeler who stood up to this nonsense, an Army Ranger with three tours in Afghanistan to his credit, has now been forced to kowtow to the Machine.

UPDATED DEUX:  Greetings again, my fellow port swillers!  Ol’ Robbo heard the fellah in the office next door this morning comparing the Knee-Taker Brigade to Rosa Parks.  Figure that one out if you will.  Oh, and NPR told me this evening that The Donald is a complete awful because he’s wasting his time fighting this out on the Innertoobs while the people of Puerto Rico (pronounced “PWAIR-to REEEK-o“) are starving to death due to lack of White House assistance, IOW that Maria is the Donald’s Katrina.  Whelp, it turns out the island’s governor didn’t get the talking point.

I’ll be very, very interested to see how public opinion breaks on all this over the coming days.


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