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Greetings, my fellow port swillers!

Now that the days are beginning to draw in somewhat and it becomes duskier for both Robbo’s morning and evening commute, I once again observe that there appears to be a direct correlation between the darkness of a car’s body and the odds that its headlights are not on.  If I had a head for the mathematics, I’ll bet I could reduce this to some kind of formula.

Downtown this evening at a light round the corner from my garage, I came up next to a woman on a bike in the left lane.  Not only was she on a bike, she was also towing a toddler in one of those baby trailer things hitched on to the back of her bike.  In rush hour? This struck me as insane.

There are too many people who don’t seem to understand that courtesy to other drivers includes courtesy to the car behind you.  Remember when you’re coming to an intersection that the fellah behind you also wants to get through before the light changes.

Ol’ Robbo has always assumed that those rubber lines stretched out temporarily across roadways were used for counting cars and thereby generating traffic usage data.  Usually there are two or three of them grouped together.  I also assume this is to ensure count accuracy, rather than, say, to calculate speed.   At the moment, however, there are two groups of at least five such lines stretched across the parkway that Ol’ Robbo travels on his commute.  Why so many?

There is very rarely a day on which Ol’ Robbo does not mutter to himself at some point, “Goddam Murrland drivers!”


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