Greetings, my fellow port swillers!

Via a Facebook gunnegshun, Ol’ Robbo found himself perusing this article about recent goings on in the Virginia State Legislature.  It seems that, so long as the legislature itself is controlled by Republicans, but that rat-bastard, Clinton bag-man, Terry McAuliffe remains governor, no real sea-change could be expected.  Instead, it seems they spent this session….tinkering.

Shall we have a dekko at your (or, at least, my) tax money at work?


Driving in the left lane on state highways without a good reason could now result in a $100 fine. The bill’s sponsor, Del. Israel O’Quinn said he wants to prevent people from driving too slow in the left lanes, which he said endangers law enforcement and spurs road rage.”

Yer damned right! Lead, follow, or get the hell out of the way! (Oh, and the legislation should have gone further and banned all Maryland drivers, but that’s just a pet-peeve of mine.)


State-owned liquor stores will now be able to sell a high-proof grain alcohol that is “without distinctive character, aroma, taste or color,” which includes the well-known brand Everclear. University officials had voiced concern about binge drinking, but proponents of the law noted that Everclear can be purchased legally in most other states and is often used in cooking.

Duuuude….Ol’ Robbo once experienced Everclear jello shots back in his college days -with pretty disastrous consequences.  Ditto with the Moonshine that a buddy of mine in law school used to bring back from a neighbor of his in rural Georgia.  Two things puzzle Ol’ Robbo about this item:

1.)  Why the hell does our Great Commonwealth still have “state-owned liquor stores”?  Virginia fascists.  I hate Virginia fascists…..

2.)  Cooking with Everclear? Seriously?

(The other two items in the article have to do with needle-exchange for drug addicts and female genital mutilation.  Hardly the stuff for a light-hearted blog post, but you can go on over and read about them if you wish.)