Greetings, my fellow port swillers!

For reasons completely unfathomable to Ol’ Robbo, the Youngest Gel absolutely hates riding in my Wrangler with the side panels off.

Hates it. As in crying and pleading hates it.

What kind of attitude is that for a healthy, American 15 year old?

Anyhoo, I got tagged with giving her a ride over to her Young Man’s house yesterday afternoon. (Yes, she’s got her first boyfriend. Good kid, too. He shook hands when we met and calls me “Sir”.) I didn’t especially want to drive her, because I was rayther tired, so I was in no mood for her baulk when got into the garage.

“Dad! The sides are off! Can we put them on? Please? Can we just put on my side? Why not? You KNOW how I feel! (Sobs.) Pleeease? DAAAaad!”

“Look,” I said, “Do you want a ride?”

“Yes,” she said meekly.

I pointed.

“THAT’S the ride. Take it or leave it.”

She took it.

I will say that once we were on the road she didn’t squawk at all and even chatted about other things, but yeesh!