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Nats HatGreetings, my fellow port swillers!

Ol’ Robbo cannot help but note that his beloved Nats advanced to a an early season record of 11-3 this evening.  Life is good.  Yes, I know that we’ve been feasting on other NL East teams so far, teams that range from the mediocre to the appallingly bad, but that’s what the best do, isn’t it?

I didn’t make my usual preseason predictions this year because, frankly, I hadn’t the faintest idea what would happen, what with all the turnovers and changes.  However, up to this point, I am quite pleased with all aspects of our game: offense, defense, starting rotation, and bullpen.  Based on an admittedly meager record, I’m beginning to feel we will win the NL East again.  What we do against the Cubbies in the playoffs, I can’t even begin to contemplate.

Post-season fantasy aside, my biggest reservation so far is with new manager Dusty Baker and his damned toothpicks.  I don’t mind that he perpetually chews on one, but it bugs the hell out of me that he from time to time sucks it all the way into his mouth.  Every time he does so, I find myself cringing and thinking, “Buddy boy, sooner or later that thing is going to get lodged in your wind pipe.  Then where the hell do you think you’ll be?

Eh, Dusty’s been around a long time.  I can only assume he knows what he’s about.  In the meantime, what else is there to say other than


UPDATE: Make that 14-4 after we swept the hapless Twins.  (We may need moar brooms.)  Nonetheless, NOVA-C speaks sooth in his comment.  We have one more home series against the Phils this week (ol’ Robbo and the family are going to Thursday’s game – skybox tix, if you please) before a brutal road trip against the Cards, Royals, and Cubbies, all of whom are teh goods at the moment  We shall see what we shall see.



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