Greetings, my fellow port swillers!

I didn’t get the chance yesterday to mention that the Eldest Gel marched down to our local polling place and cast her very first electoral vote as part of this cycle’s Sooper Tuesday brouhaha.  She doesn’t actually turn 18 for another couple weeks, but because she’ll be old enough for the general, the local rules allowed her to also vote in the primary.

Somehow this makes me feel even older than did her getting her driver’s license or her college acceptance, I don’t know why.

The gel is immensely pleased with herself, as she rightly should be, and is tremendously keen on keeping up with all the campaigns and trying to prognosticate the eventual outcome.  Based on my own bitter experience, I keep warning her that there’s a hell of a time to go until November and that if she doesn’t watch herself she’ll burn out on it all long before then.

And speaking of burn out, I am just about through with the nonsense I keep seeing posted on nooz and opinion sites, usually trustworthy blogs, and FaceBook, even by people who I would have thought knew better than that.  To borrow a line from Mal Reynolds, the days of my not taking social media seriously are certainly coming to a middle.