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Greetings, my fellow port swillers and happy Feast of St. Stephen!  I hope you are all recovering from lots of Christmas Day merriment – it was certainly quite late this morning before anyone at Port Swiller Manor began to stir.  (Except for the eldest cat, who started -as is her wont- to pester me to feed her at about 6 ack emma.  Damned cats.)

Anyhoo, we had a very pleasant Christmas Day ourselves, meaning there was no teenager trauma and the oven didn’t cut out on me (as happened last year before I could get teh popovers done).  Ol’ Robbo doesn’t like to brag, but I will say that I seem to have a genuine talent when it comes to roasts.  I absolutely nailed that bad boy this year, getting a near perfect rosey-red center.  Surprisingly, there really isn’t that much left – maybe two or three meals’ worth.  I like to think this was some testament to my cooking.

Today I begin my new exercise regime, by the bye.  Nobody would ever call me fat, but because of my fondness for red meat and wine I’m beginning to develop a certain flabbiness which probably is not the best thing for a fellah shortly to turn 51.



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