Greetings, my fellow port swillers!

My apologies for the recent lack of posties.  Veeeeery busy down the office this week.  Also, past few evenings have seen a slew of hour and a half homeward commutes.  (Port Swiller Manor is only about 14 miles from the office.  Back in my college day I could have done it quicker on foot.)  The combination of these influences has left me somewhat slack-jawed and uninterested, or at least incapable of summoning up the energy to say anything intelligent.

Instead, I’ve been giving myself over to passive entertainment.  Ran through “Band of Brothers” the past three nights, but tonight I’m going with “The Italian Job”.

(Yes, I like Mahky Mahk.  Are we going to have a problem here?)

Moar content over the weekend, hopefully.