Greetings, my fellow port swillers!

A morning off spent doing All The Things:  haircut, oil change, replacing basement lights.  There something very satisfying about taking care of these little jobs.  Tomorrow will be spent dealing mostly with leaves.

This week also marked the annual re-instillation of the rear seat side-windows on ol’ Robbo’s Wrangler.  I always try to keep them off as long as possible (much to the annoyance of the Gels when they have to ride back there) both because I love the flow of air and because they’re a nuisance to zip on and off, especially if they’re cold, but comes that point in mid-fall when I finally decide just to leave them there until spring.  On the other hand, I leave the rear window rolled up all year round, only putting it down for extremely heavy rain or snow.  With the heater going, I find that the cabin remains quite comfortable even in the coldest weather.

Speaking of La Wrangler, who is now better than 12 y.o., I have noticed more and more lately that when I hit a bump or pot-hole at speed, the whole front end judders rayther violently for a few seconds afterwards.   Poking around on the Innertoobs, I discovered that there’s even a name for this: They call it the “Death Wobble“.  This made me laugh up until the point where I realized that it will be exactly the sort of thing the mechanics will wang me for good and hard if I take her into the shop.  Probably have to sooner or later, but the problem isn’t so bad that I feel inclined to do so just yet.