Just spend a delightful time freeing open the Middle Gel’s windows, which had been painted shut when we had her room done over a few months back.  We have a box-cutter which I see lying around all the time and which would have been perfect for the job but of course I couldn’t find it.  Fortunately, I discovered the gel herself possesses a Swiss army-type knife, so the day was saved.

Mrs. R and I have one of those Sleep Number adjustable dual air mattress beds.  I cannot recommend these things if you happen to own cats.  There are persistent slow leaks on both sides of ours and I have a pretty durn good idea how they got there.

I used to think that Caller ID was the greatest technological innovation evah, but I just recently replaced the Port Swiller Manor landline that not only supports said Caller ID, it also tells you the number of the caller via an electronic voice.  Now I don’t even need to get up and go look at the display in order screen my calls.  Magic!