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Greetings, my fellow port swillers!

Thunderstorms over Port Swiller Manor last evening followed by a cool, crisp, breezy, get-all-those-windows-open Saturday.  This is one of the reason ol’ Robbo loves fall so much.

♦   Ol’ Robbo found himself yesterday wandering around the preparations for today’s big rally on the Mall marking the 20th anniversary of the “Million Man March”.  The theme this year is “Justice or Else” so I’m sure a good time will be had by all.  It was quite eerie to hear a muezzeen (sp) chanting out the noon prayers over the P/A system.

♦  On a small historickally-related note, the only protest ol’ Robbo ever attended during his misspent undergrad days at the People’s Glorious Soviet of Middletown CT – where they have protests all the time, buckaroo – was when Louis Farrakhan came to speak on campus.  Pretty sure radical militant Islam is not the answer to race relations in this country.

♦  Speaking of pressing issues, ol’ Robbo notes that the Radical Left seems edging toward an outright call for two things: Gun confiscation and all-powerful, legislation-trumping executive authority.  These are bad, bad things and have absolutely no place in a Constitutional republic.

♦  Speaking of bad, bad things, via the Head Ewok (fbuh), read this article by a northeastern liberal arts college prof about trying to teach the special snowflakes under his charge.  Pathetic.  Ol’ Robbo rails against the special snowflake culchah so much that Mrs. R and teh Gels are sick to death of the expression.  Nonetheless, I feel it is my greatest responsibility as a parent not to let them fall into that trap.  (I think the pendulum is beginning to swing the other way on this, by the bye, as such things as draconian speech codes, “trigger warnings”, and “safe rooms” are coming under increased push-back and mockery.

♦  On a totally different note, Mrs. Robbo fulfilled one of her life’s desires this week by getting a paper shredder.  The study now looks like one of AlGore’s globull warmening speech venues the day he’s supposed to show up.

Well, I suppose that’s enough for the moment.  Middle Gel (who is going to the homecoming dance tonight) wants me to clear off so she can play some X-box.  Time to go see about unclogging the field drains and taking a first swipe at the season’s leaf-disposal.



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