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Washington-Nationals1Greetings, my fellow port swillers!

I suppose it’s not all that surprising to Ol’ Robbo that, after they blew what was anticipated to be a World Series season in fairly feeble style, his beloved Nats sacked second-year manager Matt Williams today.  I guess I am suprised a bit surprised that the entire coaching staff was taken out as well.  So far as I could tell, there was some good meat on those bones.

Surgeon’s knife, I guess.

As to the future? One rumor that has been swirling around is that Cal Ripken, Jr. might take the helm.

On the one hand, how totes awesome would it be to have somebody of Cal’s status helming the team?

On the other, I dunno that he’s been doing much other than sponsoring little league kids the past few years, so how well would he adjust to the Show so long after having left it?


Well, hell.  As to this year’s post-season, I am O-fficially latching on to the “Back To The Future II” meme of backing the Cubbies to win it all.  Failing that, I at least expect the Mets to get crushed by the Dodgers in the first round, which will satisfy my seasonal bloodlust.

As to the big picture, which involves some major changes in player personnel for next year that we can discuss later, what else can one say except:




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