Greetings, my fellow port swillers!

Ol’ Robbo isn’t commenting yet on the details of the latest mass shooting up in Oregon as they still seem to be rather murky.  I’ll only offer this:

Why is it that the inevitable first response out of some people to this sort of thing is the demand for action that would only have the effect of disarming more law-abiding folks and providing that many more targets?

I’m sure there are those advocating tighter gun control who genuinely mean well and just don’t understand this concept.  However, I am equally sure there are those advocating said control who understand it very, very well.

With each of these incidents, Ol’ Robbo thinks harder and harder about arming up himself and his family.

UPDATE: So, from what I gather, the shooter here is of a mixed-race, foreign, broken home.  He may have been a Satanist, was definitely psychotic, and may have been on a Russian terror watch list as well.   Yep, only fix is to disarm you knuckle-dragging, flag-wrapping, bitter clinging ‘Muricans.  Yep.