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Greetings, my fellow port swillers!

Yes, it’s been a while since I last trotted out this meme, but it seems apropos here since the question of the moment is: A donde va Señor Wah-Keem?

A few clicks one way, it heads out to sea.

A few clicks t’other, a major pasting for the Port Swiller Manor neighborhood.

Eh.  From a practical standpoint, the only question is whether ol’ Robbo needs to clear the more airborne-potential items off his porch or not.  We shan’t see until Saturday morning, I guess.  Of course, the standard Port Swiller Manor disaster protocols still apply: Chop up the furniture for firewood as needed.  Eat the cats first.  If required, eat the children in descending order of annoyance.

We could hold out a while, if necessary.

Thinking about all this, I was reminded of my few past hurricane encounters.

Ol’ Robbo sat in the Port Swiller Manor library watching Isabel roll through back in ’03.  The main storm hit in teh evening.  What I recall mostly was the fantastic lightning effects:   The cloudbase was very low and most of the lightning within it gave off a diffuse, copper color.  Every now and then, however, there would be a bolt out of the clouds.  These were all of a fantastic, florescent blue, and of an intensity I’ve never seen in ordinary thunderstorms.  Quite dramatic.

I was also in central Connecticut when Gloria rolled through in ’85.  That storm hit us early in the morning.  Being college kids, our response was to huddle out in the dorm halls and party.  Candles and cheap champaign.  I must say, that was the earliest in the day I’ve ever got drunk and you can keep it.

Stretching further back, I have a very vague memory of Celia from my misspent yoot in San Antonio.  As I recall, this was the first time I saw the circular cloud bands associated with this kind of storm.

Of course, I should acknowledge that my brother holds the family record in these matters:  He was in Charleston when Hugo came ashore.  (He was in med school there at the time and was drafted into work at the local hospital.)  Bro told me that he doesn’t remember much in part because he was so busy and in part because everything was boarded up, but still……

Anyhoo, we shall see if we can haz panick….

UPDATE: Well, so much for that.  I’m not even bothering to take the glass or the magazines off the porch.  Fall is definitely here, however….



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