Greetings, my fellow port swillers!

Well, the first week of school in the neighborhood of Port Swiller Manor is coming to a close and it’s been quite a ride.


You see, the County decided that this year the high schools would start about an hour later than in the past, while the middle schools started somewhat earlier.  The result has been a disruption in traffic flow unforeseen by, well, just about everyone.  (I confess that I certainly hadn’t given it much consideration.)  In order to get to our local high school, teh Eldest has to drive past our local middle school.  Last year, this wasn’t an issue.  Now, she has to claw her way through heavy traffic and police direction, thus adding to her commute time.

Of course, it’ll all sort itself out, but my sense – based on my attempts to get everyone out the door and to adapt my own commute – is that this hasn’t happened yet.

Speaking of which…..

Teh Eldest is taking government and current events this year.  The first assignment was to “grade” the various elements of our political system: the three branches of government, the bureaucracy, the press, the voters, and so on.  (I gather that over the course of the semester, teh kids will be called upon to expand, develop, defend and possibly revise their initial grades.)

If I’ve done nothing else, I’ve instilled in Teh Eldest a healthy skepticism of Big Gub’mint.  She will tell you, if you ask, that utopian socialism is so much snake-oil because it can’t possibly work in the real world and because it is only offered by people actually seeking to increase their own power and control.

When teh Gel went down her sheet of current players, she scored nothing but D’s and F’s.  To her, the Donks are a bunch of Marxists and teh GOPe are a bunch of Quislings.

Her neighbor, glancing down at teh Gel’s sheet, said, “Wow, that’s kind of pessimistic.”

No,” teh Gel shot back, “It’s realistic!”

Heh.  That’s my gel.