ba475a518dc890f443adffe0a9606972Greetings, my fellow port swillers!

This afternoon came nooz that the campaign to save Sweet Briar College has achieved final victory with flying colors (pink and green, of course):

Supporters of Sweet Briar College will make their third and final payment — the result of a settlement deal to keep the private school open — on Wednesday, with a little extra thrown in for good measure.

When the then-president of the women’s college announced in March that the school would shut down forever this summer because of financial problems, shocked alumnae and others quickly began a fight to stop the closure. Saving Sweet Briar raised millions in pledged donations, and this summer a judge approved a settlement to keep the Virginia college operating.

According to the terms of the deal, a final $3.5 million payment, the last of $12 million agreed upon, was due Wednesday. But with the school year just beginning, with a new president and board in place and students in classrooms, the group was able to turn pledges into real cash.

The final tally of donations will not be known until Wednesday, but a spokesman for the group said it has already exceeded $3.5 million.

“We made the first two payments ahead of schedule and will exceed the amount due for the third and final payment,” said Mary Pope Hutson, Chair of the Major Donor Task Force for Saving Sweet Briar, Inc, in a statement. “The fight to take back Sweet Briar College will be complete at Noon tomorrow.”

She called on Sweet Briar supporters to celebrate Wednesday. “At 12 Noon EST, ring a bell if you have one, and let’s show the world our colors—a sea of pink and green! And please share our story of tenacity and determination.”

I am still in awe at the Vixen Power (including that exerted by Mrs. Robbo, a dedicated alumna) which caused all this to happen and confess that when the Resistance first formed immediately after nooz of the proposed closure broke, I really thought it was a long-shot at best.

Well done, indeed.

Eldest Gel will be applying early decision this fall.  Her grades are okay and she did pretty well on the ACTs.  Plus she is a legacy a couple times over and it’s definitely going to be a seller’s market, what with the school’s immediate goal of dramatically boosting its student body.  In her interviews, they’ve basically told her that unless she does something spectacularly awful this first quarter of her senior year, she’s in.