Greetings, my fellow port swillers!

As regular friends of the decanter know, ol’ Robbo hit his half-century on this earth earlier this year.  Thus, I wasn’t altogether surprised when this memento mori turned up in the mail today:


At first glance, I merely shook my head and sighed.  However, taking a closer look, I discovered something:  The membership was actually made out in Mrs. Robbo’s name.  I immediately started to laugh.

Why?  Because Mrs. R is actually about five and a half years younger than I am.  In the state of glee I usually reserve for telling her I’ve been carded yet again, I hastened to bring this discovery to her attention.

Mrs. Robbo was not quite so amused as I was.

However, as it happens, Port Swiller Manor is full of electricians, painters and handymen doing a variety of unforeseen maintenance and repair projects today.  (Ah, the manifest joys of home ownership!)  After stewing for a moment, Mrs. R visibly softened and said, “Hmm…I wonder if I could start using their discounts.”