Greetings, my fellow port swillers!

Ol’ Robbo came home to Port Swiller Manor this evening to the sound of vehement bickering between teh Eldest Gel and Mrs. R somewhere above stairs.  As an old campaigner, I did my best to ignore the spat in the hope that it would resolve itself without my having to become involved.

Thus, I poured a glass of wine and applied myself to firing up the stovetop in preparation for making myself some din-dins.

Well, as my burger started to sizzle*, the squabbling failed to peter out as I had hoped, but instead got more vehement.  Taking a large swig of courage, I sighed and plodded upstairs to find out what was all this, then.

Turns out that the thing centered on the fact that teh Middle Gel is going for her learner’s permit tomorrow.  I had known this but had not paid that much attention, since I had been through it before and knew the drill.  However, when I broke in on the squabble, I found that teh Eldest was berating Mrs. R for allowing her younger sibling to do something so brash, so reckless, so fraught with potential danger.  “I’m her sister,” I heard teh Gel declaim, “I’m just trying to protect her from your lack of parental responsibility!  I know what happens…..”

Groaning, I invited teh Eldest to just walk away, promising her I would get to the bottom of her grievance while at the same time pointing out that Mrs. R and I are in charge, not her.

Welp, it didn’t take me long.

You see, the thing is that tomorrow is the first day said Middle Gel will be eligible to get said permit and she has always been a goer.  I recalled as the facts were laid forth that the Eldest had backed and filled for several months after her own eligible date before she eventually resolved to obtained such a permit for herself.

So the whole kerfluffle turns out to be nothing more than Sibling. J. Rivalry, as we used to call it.

Siiiigh.  Barkeep, where is that courage? I’ll have another, please.

* Yes, stovetop burger.  Deal with it.  It was hot as hell and humid and threatening to storm, so no grill for me.

UPDATE:  License secured. Aaaaaaaand, she’s off!