Greetings, my fellow port swillers!

Ol’ Robbo’s “Independence Day” weekend this year was capped off by an impromptu BBQ at Port Swiller Manor yesterday afternoon.  As I laid out the ingredients of said BBQ – which consisted of dogs and burgers – teh Eldest Gel ( a confirmed carnivore, much to my satisfaction) asked, “Dad! Why can’t you cook a hotdog wrapped in bacon?”

Why, indeed.  This wants looking into….

More generally, said Gel is passionately fond of ribs.  I often have thought of doing some up for her (the raw materials can be obtained easily enough from teh butcher shop at the local Gourmet Giant – pronounced “Ger-may Gee-yaunt”), but I am mostly a steak and burger guy and don’t know jack about smoking, much less baby-back sauce prep.  Any suggestions/comments/pointers would be accepted most gratefully.