I may perhaps mention here that today is the 22nd anniversary of the day Mrs. R and I were first manacled together.  I’ve been quietly chuckling over this clip all day long:

I keed, of course.

In fact, I brought home flowers and Mrs. R and I quietly shared a bottle of wine.  That’s pretty damned good for a steamy Friday night in late June, especially just as school is breaking out and Mrs. R is finishing up running a short summah camp at St. Marie of the Blessed Educational Method.

Curiously, teh Eldest was indignant that we didn’t do any more that this.

“Geesh, Dad, you’re really romantic, aren’t you? Not!”

“Well, I used to be.”

“Yeah, right!”

“Serious.  Where do you suppose you came from?”

“Yeah, right!” [Door slams.]