Greetings, my fellow port swillers!

Ace picked up on a story this afternoon about some hipster-doofus preening over his company establishing a “penalty” jar for anyone using the expression “you guys” in the workplace.  Because sexist, non-inclusive micro-aggresion.  Or something.  G’wan over and read it.

For the record:

As most friends of the decanter know, ol’ Robbo is the sole male entity at Port Swiller Manor, his wife, his children, his cats and his dog all being members of what used to be called the Fairer Sex.  I address the various combinations of them as “you guys” all the time.  They, at least the ones who speak English, do the same.  To date, none of them have burst into flames, turned into pillars of salt or otherwise been reduced to quivering jellies of oppressed helplessness by my thoughtless, patriarchal labels.  I get tagged for all kinds of Bad Dad infractions these days, but this ain’t one of them.

And for bonus points?  One of my very best friends (besides Mrs. Robbo, of course) is a woman.  We’ve known each other a quarter century.  We call each other “dude” in homage to our mutual liking of “Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure”.  Again, no psychological scarring that I’m aware of.

So I’m going to file this one under “passive-aggressive bullying”.

What I wonder is this:  In part because of my job and in part just because, Ol’ Robbo is pretty up on teh Innertoobs and all the newz and memes and whatnot that get flashed across them, so I’ve got what amounts to bench seats in the current social wars.   Of course I’m going to see things like this.  But how much farther out does it travel?  How far into what one might call, resorting to classical thinking, the res publica does this kind of virus spread?

My hope, when I find myself feeling overwhelmed from time to time by the SJW assault on Civilisation, is that the majority of people simply ignore such things, either intentionally or else simply because they’re too busy focusing on other matters.

Yes, that’s my hope and I’m sticking to it.

Oh, hang on….I just got a message that there’s a “Mr. Odoacer” at the door who wants to have a word.  Be right back.  I’m sure he’s just distributing pamphlets or looking for petition signatures.

In the meantime, speaking of Bill and Ted and “Dude!”, one of my favorite bits from the movie: