Teh Youngest upon arriving home today.

Teh Youngest upon arriving home today.

This afternoon, ol’ Robbo went to pick up teh Youngest Gel from school.  It’s a lovely day here in the neighborhood of Port Swiller Manor, so I put the top down on La Wrangler to enjoy the drive over.

Teh Gel has very long and thick hair and had neglected to bring anything with which to tie it back today.  As a result, a few minutes into the home leg, her tressed had blown all over her face.

“You look like Cousin It,” I said.

“Who?” she replied.

“You know – Cousin It.  Addams Family.”

“Oh,” she responded.  “Wait, was he the one with the bald head?”

“No, that’s Uncle Fester.”

“Um, wait.  Was he the really tall, Frankenstein-y one?”

“No, that’s Lurch.  Cousin It was the short one who was nothing but hair.  Now do you see?”

“Oooh, ha, ha, ha!  Um, wait, no.  I don’t remember him.”

It’s like I can’t even talk to these people anymore.