SpongeBob_(5)Greetings, my fellow port swillers!

This evening found ol’ Robbo helping out teh youngest gel in her 7th grade science homework of filling out Punnett squares of genetic variations among the inhabitants of Bikini Bottom.  The questions involved issues of square versus round and pink versus yellow bodies, and whether Mrs. Crab had been stuck with the wrong baby in hospital because it had short eyes instead of the more genetically-probable long ones.

I dunno.

On the one hand, teh Gel definitely took a greater interest in the subject matter due to the way it was served up.  On the other, anything to do with Spongebob tends to send ol’ Robbo’s eyes twitching and his heart palpitating.  From what I’ve seen of the series, it’s pretty clever but it’s waaaaaay too frenetic for me.  Also, when I tried to give a brief bio of Gregor Mendel and a summation of his work, she said, “Oh, yeah, we learned about him. Whatevs…..”  Head, meet desk.

On a different note, assisting teh gel reminded me of my ill-thought college foray into the pre-med curriculum.  Sophomore year, I took both genetics and organic chem.  The genetics lab work concerned fruit flies, both red and white-eyed and (I think) full versus stubbled wings.  Somehow or other, ol’ Robbo absolutely fubar’d the lab.  Indeed, I have a vague recollection of looking at one or more of my samples and wondering what the hell is THAT?

Yes, it was ugly.  However, I recognize now that my failure was due to my own immaturity and that, were I presented the same premise now, I’d thoroughly enjoy it.  As they say, education is wasted on yoot.   Those of us who have been around the block a few times would make much more of it.

So long as it wasn’t laid out in Spongebob terms, that is.