And they want their mayhem back.

Greetings,  my fellow port swillers!

God’s blood, what a mess!  Back in the day, the goddam hippies were fighting the Man.  These days, they are the Man.  And they’ve got a younger generation of dirt-bag, jackbooted social warrior snowflakes backing them up this time.  I just don’t see how all this goes on much longer.

If it was just a question of the Gods of the Copybook Headings taking these people out behind the woodshed and thrashing them, I’d be popping the popcorn.  However, it’s more than likely that I and mine get caught up in the fall, too.

Goddam hippies.

UPDATE:  Anyone here old enough to remember Eddie Chiles?  He used to do radio ads in the late 70’s in which a voice-over would ask “What are you mad about today, Eddie?”  Then Chiles would go into a twenty second rant about whatever: high taxes, economic malaise, social breakdown, the commies.  If I had the money, I’d do the same thing.  “What are you mad about today, Robbo?”